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Exclusive Boston Properties Not Listed on MLS

At Columbus & Over, we’re in constant contact with property owners around Boston’s South End, Back Bay, Beacon Hill and Downtown Crossing. We’ve also cultivated relationships with dozens of top Boston brokers, which means we’ve got our finger on the pulse, day and night. Our expansive network ensures that our team is aware of any new opportunity—often before it’s listed on the Multiple Listing Service, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin—or anywhere else. In fact, we’re frequently approached by property owners wary of selling their assets on the open market.

In today’s bustling real-estate realm, off-market transactions featuring a single broker do have advantages.

Benefits of Off Market Listings

In Boston’s high-demand real-estate environment, off-market listings can be a buyer’s diamond in the rough. High-value properties, for example, are often kept off the market to avoid a barrage of voyeuristic looky-lou’s. Choosing to trust a brokerage with access to such listings means greater opportunities for the discerning buyer. On the other side, a broker acts as a gatekeeper for sellers who may not have the time or expertise to fully vet prospects.


Properties not listed through traditional means may still attract the interest of buyers seeking property in a specific neighborhood. Collaborating with a brokerage familiar with that area ensures that buyers will have access to high-quality listings— and to expert information, too.


Working with a brokerage equipped to handle off-market listings means a broader search for buyers. When perusing off-market listings, buyers are empowered to dictate what it is they want – and need – from any given property.


Finally, off-market transactions typically eschew the sales pressures that are common place when properties are on the market. Brokers can let the property speak for itself and give buyers more time to digest information resulting in a cleaner sales process.


Bypass the hours of online scouring, and turn to Columbus & Over Group for information and expertise you can trust.